An Exciting Announcement From the JMG PR Team!

An Exciting Announcement From the JMG PR Team!


From the JMG PR Team**

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We are excited to announce that we are the winners of 2018’s Best Small Business for Best PR Agency!

The Best Small Business Award is designed the hard work and accomplishments of visionary leaders in the industry.

We believe that this award is a reflection of the dedication and hard work that was poured into every single project that we took on in 2018. Whether we partnered with established or emerging businesses, we believe in putting our best foot forward and creating campaigns catered specifically to each business. When we put everything into perspective, 2018 was a special year for our leader Jenna, as she expanded the horizons of her professional career.

With a strong end to 2018, we are confident that we will continue strong into 2019!


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