Myths and Misconceptions About the Life of a PR Professional


As an outsider looking in, the thought of what life as a PR professional entails is mostly based off of what the media portrays, that of glitz and glamour, and little, if at all, does it spotlight the tedious work that goes on behind the scenes to help grow and elevate a client’s brand. 


I sought out a career in PR because of my love of people and the interaction this business allows me to have with them. A life in PR is all about being in the know, staying on top of the latest buzz while ahead of the curve, and of course, making things happen.

That’s why when I hear these myths and misconceptions about PR, and I've heard quite a few over the course of my career, I’m taken aback over just how wrong some people are about what it is we do. So I’m sharing a few of the most common ones I come across almost on a daily basis.

All press is good press

Yes your name is out there, but if it’s tied to an unflattering or negative story your PR team is going to be working around the clock to rebuild your name or your brand.

PR is an overpriced service

What’s surprising is the amount of money spent on advertising and marketing services, yet people expect Public Relations to be cheap. Our goal is to get you more bang for your buck verses purchasing a flat ad in a media outlet that might charge you upwards of $100,000.

PR is easy, I can do it myself

Not everyone is great at all things, including PR! In order to be successful in this business it requires a certain sense of business savvy, and a whole host of other talents like organizational skills, creativity, and being one step ahead of everyone else in your thinking. And there’s no rest for the weary when it come to PR.

It’s a glamorous job


Sure we know how to host a good event, but we should since it’s just one of the many parts to what we do. And while they look like fun, and they are if you’re a guest, but what you don’t see is the countless hours of work, research, planning, and effort that goes into pulling these off. It has its moments in the spotlight but if you’re hoping to become the next Olivia Pope you might want to rethink your career choice. That’s Hollywood’s version of PR, not mine.

PR is a 9 -5 job

If only our days ended that early! Most days I’m at my office earlier than 9am and stay much later than 5pm, especially when my morning and afternoons are filled with client meetings. And those glamorous events we’re working on, those happen in the evening and on weekends so technically the world of PR is as many days and hours needed to get the job done!

PR produces sales


Another common misconception people have when they're unclear on what it is exactly that we do. It’s true that PR makes up a piece of the marketing and advertising pie but we’re not in the business of driving sales and revenue. Our goal is to build a company or an individual’s profile and manage their reputation. PR generates a buzz which in turn engages the public.  We each have different strategies and tactics in the way in which we accomplish those goals.

PR is just a bunch of “fluff”

No, we aren’t adding fluff to a story to make it sound more important or interesting than it really is. Just the opposite, we’re pulling facts and presenting the client in the best light possible. PR is all about perception and the last thing we want is the public to believe our client’s message is all “smoke and mirrors.”

PR will make me famous

Its every clients dream, heck even mine, to land on a show like say, Ellen, but in reality the guests you see are mainly A-list celebrities and kids doing really cool things. That’s not to say it will never happen; our client Frey had their product featured on her show back in 2016. But just because you hire PR doesn't mean you’ll automatically be on a national TV show tomorrow. It takes time to land big placements, especially if you don’t have a pre-existing foundation of media coverage.

Xo Jenna