Welcome to #SecretLifeofaPRGirl!


Behind the scenes work for one of our clients

Behind the scenes work for one of our clients

Welcome to the first post on #SecretLifeofaPRGirl! This blog will tell you all you need to know about public relations, including all the behind the scenes work that isn’t often shown anywhere else. You can expect to hear from team members, interns, and industry experts about what makes PR such an exciting and fascinating business to be in. To get started, here’s a little bit inside of my own lifestyle as a PR girl.

The daily life of a public relations CEO is not what you might imagine it to be. On the surface, PR seems like it’s all red carpets, exclusive parties, and high profile celebrities. While that is definitely a part of the PR business, it really involves a lot more. The reality of PR is all of the time, dedication, and elbow grease involved behind the scenes. As the head of the firm, I handle most of the work, and it is incredibly rewarding. But it wasn’t always like this: I had to work my way up the totem pole.

A few fast facts about me: 

  1. I was born and raised in New York, and I'm incredibly grateful to have grown up surrounded by the hustle and bustle lifestyle of the city.

  2. In my office, I keep a black and white photo of my great-grandparents sitting in the grocery store they owned during the earlier part of the 20th century on the Brooklyn side of the East River, and now my office is directly located on the East River on the Manhattan side. Whenever I look at the photo, I feel inspired by the progression of our family history.

  3. I have a passion for fitness and wellness. I am a strong believer that a healthy body creates a healthy mind and vice versa.

I attended Baruch College and graduated with a BA in Corporate Communications. From there on, I was thrust headfirst into the world of public relations. Two weeks out of college and in the midst of the recession, I secured my first job at a PR firm. After years of working for others, I realized my experience with the comings and goings of the city as well as the entrepreneurial spirit I learned from attending Baruch (which Entrepreneur magazine named one of the top 25 schools for entrepreneurs) made me a great candidate for running my own business.

The decision to quit my stable job and start from scratch is one of the riskiest things I  have ever done in my lifetime—one could compare it to cliff jumping, or skydiving. Well, I certainly took a leap of faith. I’m not the kind of person to overthink my decisions, so I asked myself a few questions: where was this particular path going to take me in the future, and is it the path I wanted to be on? Though I was grateful for the experiences and mentors past agencies had provided me, I knew starting my own company was the next logical step to take and so, I launched JMG Public Relations in 2015 and haven't looked back since.

Our office in the Financial District

Our office in the Financial District

JMGPR is a full-service PR agency located on Wall Street in the Financial District of Manhattan. We specialize in the promotion of clients in the lifestyle and entertainment industries. Our diverse group of clientele ranges from real estate to restaurants to fitness experts and many more. A commonality amongst them all is that they have a founder who is determined to create something big. They are all inspiring companies that have the power to improve someone’s life, be it with a dessert or a new place to live. 

JMGPR is closely partnered with established companies as well as with many startups. It is these emerging businesses that make the PR business so rewarding for me; seeing companies rise from the ground up and gain notoriety is the equivalent of watching someone’s dream come true, and we get to be a crucial part of that. JMGPR also has an in-house creative department for graphic designs, branding, and all things artistic. The media world has become a cluttered space with brands vying for coverage. By constantly creating beautifully designed content, brands are able to leverage themselves amongst competitors. I like to think of us as not just a PR firm, but the right hand for brands in all of the creative decisions. Every social media post, press release, press kit, and photograph is carefully cultivated by our staff to make sure it is aligned with our client's brand messaging and is the most effective it can be.

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xo Jenna