Running on Fumes? You're not alone. Here are 5 tips to get you through the day!


As I was sitting in a taxi on my way back to the office, in NYC traffic no less, I found myself welcoming the lack of movement. I know that sounds crazy, especially since I, like many New Yorkers are always on the go, but the moment I got into the car I realized just how exhausted I was. Tired from a day of back to back meetings, and a week that felt like it was never ending, I thought to myself, ‘how nice is this to just be stagnant if only for a short time.’ And at that moment, when I slipped on my earbuds and put on some music to de-stress, I wondered, how do other professionals combat this feeling of fatigue?

With each client I take on, I make a commitment to not only bring results, but to give 100% of myself. That means I must be present, focused, alert, and all of the other qualities that fatigue can take away from us. Because I know this isn’t something only I deal with, I’m sure so many of you reading this right now are exhausted from the daily grind (so thank you for taking a few extra minutes here), I wanted to share some tips on what I have found help me when I need to fight fatigue. Don’t worry if you’re short on time, even just a minute or two can help.

Music - When I’m traveling, whether it be into the office, to a meeting, or even out of town to meet with clients, I listen to music. It calms my mind and helps put me into a zone.

Photo Credit: Jake Monte

Photo Credit: Jake Monte

Exercise - I’m a big believer in exercise and it’s been proven to benefit our lives in many different ways. Depending on my schedule, I aim to make it to the gym four times a week. Working out allows me to disconnect from the day and get my energy level back up.

At JMGPR, we have implanted a twice a day, quick workout (thank you Jocelyn) that helps give us a second (sometimes third) wind! Every day around 11am we stop what we’re doing, put on some music, do 50 leg lunges and then drop to the floor for a three minutes plank. Total time spent - 5 minutes. 

Around 3pm we break again, this time we do 50 squats which takes about 2 minutes and then it’s back to work. All in all, it’s a seven minute daily workout that allows us to move parts of the body that need some TLC. Of course, depending on our day, times and participants may vary!

Hydrate - Drink lots of water throughout the day - it helps fight fatigue and is one of the easiest ways to help you when you’re feeling sluggish. I make sure our office is stocked with 1 1/2 liter bottles for myself and my team.

Electronic Disconnect - No matter where you turn these days it seems everyone is glued to their phone, myself included, and it’s a habit I’ve been working to tone down. When I get home from work I try not to answer calls unless it’s something pertinent that cannot wait until morning. Same goes for text messages and emails - unless it’s a matter that requires immediate attention, I respond the next day.

During dinnertime I don’t keep the phone near me, not only is it time to eat, it’s also time for my husband and I catch up on our day. It’s difficult to connect when you have a device ringing right next to you. Come the weekend, I check it less frequently, unless there is something happening on Monday.

Scheduling - I seriously don’t know where I’d be without my calendars (seriously, I use four). I’m a visual person, so I need to see my month laid out in front of me, then I analyze week of and day by day. One calendar is for my weekdays, another to keep track of our client interviews, another for my computer to alert me of phone calls I need to be aware of, and lastly my personal pocket calendar for evenings and weekends. Not only does it keep me organized with deadlines, meetings, calls, etc., it allows me to see what my days look like in terms of commitments. I try not to accept more than two after work meet-ups and/or networking events in a single week. In this business there’s always an event happening and you can literally be out every single night. To prevent burnout, I accept what I can and on the remaining nights, I make it a priority to go to bed at a reasonable hour. That way, I’m rested and ready to tackle another day head on.

We’d love to hear your tips on how you combat fatigue when hustling! Comment below and share with us your thoughts….

Xo Jenna