The PR Express Method








Are you building up your business
or getting ready to take the next
into gaining more exposure,
but don't know where to start?


While it typically takes weeks to figure out your brand’s key message points, develop your press kit, and to begin pitching media, we take all of this and condense it into ONE day. Based on the Method, we spend an entire business day and devote it entirely to you and building your branding foundation.  Here’s what you’ll get from the day:



  • Brand Messaging - We analyze your messaging across all platforms, pinpoint what consumers and
    media will respond to best.
  • Bio- You are the founder of this great company and people want to know who you are.
  • About- Who is your brand? Why are you so unique? 
  • Press Kit- Visuals are everything these days, so you will receive a professionally designed PDF ready to send to prospective media outlets or investors. 
  • Media Outreach- Increase your changes of being seen by media outlets, by allowing us to target ten
    media outlets to share your brand’s new messaging and press materials with.